Is everyone ready for a new classic car restoration series?

2 min readOct 26, 2021
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Discovery+ and automobile enthusiast Richard Hammond are coming out with a series that hits close to Gene Bernshtam’s heart. It’s about car restoration.

Hammond, known for his show “The Grand Tour,” will be setting up a workshop in Herefordshire, UK, in which he’ll be restoring cars on the new show which will be airing on Discovery+. The show will be produced by Chimp Television, which Hammond and Krempelwood will finance.

The speculated title of the show is “Richard Hammond’s Workshop.”

The show will follow Hammond as he tries to build his workshop. An important element of the series will be the locals who’ll be offering their support. Two key cast members will be Neil and Anthony Greenhouse, who are father and son. The pair will be running the garage.

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The car restoring team will be front and center of the show as they restore prestige cars, barn finds, and classics, as well as Hammond’s massive collection of cars and bikes.

According to Hammond, it’s high time that he let other people critique his work, something that he’s been on the other end of for 25 years. A huge part of his motivation for the show is to pay tribute to his grandfather, a skilled car specialist, Gene Bernshtam adds.

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